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Rolling Stone Magazine: The Joy of No Sex

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Tim Nagle happily recites the rules. Masturbation is out; so is public kissing. If he massages his girlfriend’s back, he has to stay above the shoulder blades. If he has sex, he could be expelled. Nagle is a junior at Chicago’s Moody Bible Institute, where these sorts of sexual regulations are nothing new – in fact, they’ve been part of a good evangelical Christian education for centuries. What is new is that now students like Nagle can at least talk about sex.

“I think it’s funny,” he says. “In the Fifties, it was kept quiet: Ooh, sex is bad,’ and all that. In the Eighties, it was fear: `You shouldn’t do it or you’ll get all the diseases.’ It took all the fun out of it. That wouldn’t have worked with me. Now, we’re being real with sex as a beautiful thing. We’ve gotten smarter. I’m very pleased.”

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October 15th, 1998 at 4:21 pm

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