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Chicago Tribune: Locust-pocus Nino Ramirez Followed His Heart To Study The Brain, And He’s Learning Amazing Things From Insects And Mice

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Jan-Marino (Nino) Ramirez was never supposed to be a scientist. His father said he was destined to become a pianist or a painter. The father, Antonio Maro, is a celebrated Peruvian-born European painter, famous for wild abstract work with a barely hidden sexuality. Maro taught his three sons to place the creation of beauty above all other things, and Nino’s brothers did just that: Alexander-Sergei is a popular classical guitarist and Rafael still lives with their father, painting by his side every day.

Nino became a scientist who studies how the brains of mice control their breathing.

Nino’s father said this work was boring. He said Nino had none of the passion and imagination of his brothers and his father. He said he was ashamed of his son.

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May 3rd, 1998 at 1:32 am

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